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Unique, Specialized Program

DCMI creates a valuable learning experience by making it easy for students to quickly adapt to the course’s accelerated design through its hands on methods of training. Boredom is impossible and learning is fun because you apply your textbook learning right away.

Saturday classes make it easy for the working student to continue to work while preparing themselves for their career.

Experienced dental assistants have consulted DCMI for additional training. DCMI’s program graduates have the skills to go into a dental office ready to work, having already applied their learning in a practicing dental facility.


Personalized Educational Approach

We expect our students to succeed. We dedicate the time and attention necessary for our students to reach their goals. To that end, we never assign more than 5 students to one instructor.

Many other schools have instructor to student ratios as high as 30:1, but at DCMI we believe that many skills can only be taught by first-hand experience rather than through a textbook. Through our low instructor to student ratio, our students exhibit a competitive advantage over graduates from other dental assisting programs.

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Real World Training

Students spend their afternoons training on our advanced dental technologies, learning real world applications in equipment operation, instrumentation, and general dental practices. Students also receive over 8 hours of radiology training.

Rather than spend 4 months in a classroom before entering a professional atmosphere like other Dental Assistant training programs, we immediately immerse our students in the environment of A One Day Dentures office, transitioning from morning lectures to hands-on clinical study in the afternoon.


I started going to the Dental Careers of Michigan in April 2014. I loved the fact that they took education and made it fun. I learned a lot going to school here, even being from another country and being new to this place, they made me feel right at home.

I would highly recommended the Dental Careers Of Michigan to anyone who has a passion for dentistry, and would love to pursue a career in dental assisting. Once I graduated I was able to get a job within a week and I love every minute, thanks Dental Careers for helping me better my life.


My experience with “Dental Careers of Michigan” was excellent. The course is very comprehensive with both text book learning and hands-on application. The instructor and all the staff were very patient, kind, and helpful in keeping you on track throughout the entire process. With their encouragement and positive attitude I was able to complete the requirements of the course and obtain my Certificate in Dental Assisting Certification. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to enter into the field of Dentistry as a career path.


The most beautiful experience in my life was coming to USA and going to Dental Careers of Michigan I am grateful for Ms. Smith (Instructor) and Dr. Duncan having patience and encouraging me. I learned a lot in a short time, I returned back to Belgium, began to look for a dental assistant job, the dental school sent my transcripts with the help of my instructor I have a job here part-time, but I would love to return back to the U.S. to live.